Find your fit

I have always loved sports, well honestly I just love competition. One of my faults stems from this competitive drive. I don't like to do things that I am not good at. I only want to compete in things that I know I can truly be competitive. This led me to do some research on different sports that best fit me. I found a quiz online that asked all kinds of questions concerning body type, fitness level, and so on. After taking the quiz they offer a recommendation for your sport. I was surprised when it listed sprint cycling as my best fit. Sprint cycling, really, I don't even own a bike. Although I'm still tempted to try the sport of sprint cycling one day I learned something from this experience. When finding your best fit in sports, in life, and in the church nothing can replace passion. If there is something that you have a God-given passion and a drive for go for it, regardless of what others recommend or try to talk you out of. So one day I may buy a bicycle and find that I have a passion for cycling, but for now I will stick with the sport that I am passionate about regardless of how it fits me. I want to encourage you to find your place within God's kingdom that you are passionate about, and serve Him there with everything that you have. I think you will find that your passion is the perfect fit.

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