When we think of pollution we often next move to what we can do to prevent expanding the problem and what we can do to fix it. At my house my wife has genuine concern for this problem. With her urging our family recycles everything that our local recycling center accepts. She also teaches her classes at school about recycling and pollution. One of her recent science classes was learning about a form of pollution that the kids had not spent much time thinking about, light pollution. She explained to the kids that when there is too much light around us we can't see the stars at night. The kids talked through how people in cities cannot see the stars as well as people who live in areas where the light is minimal. This moved me to thinking as most things do. When the city lights drown out the stars it reminds me of how when you and I put the focus on ourselves and what we can do the glory of the Lord is not as visible in our lives. The beauty of the stars is truly amazing and there are no man made lights that could claim the amazing, awestruck wonder that the clear night sky claims. As much as you and I pride ourselves in the things that we do and want to be recognized for our accomplishments we can never compare to the Lord or what he is doing. The sooner we realize this the better. All that being said the best way for us to see the stars is to turn off the lights and the same is true for the glory of God. If you really want to see God shine turn the lights off, take the spotlight off of yourself and allow the marvelous light of Christ to take center stage.

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