Hand me another brick

I had the privilege of spending a day at the west Kentucky evangelism conference recently where I heard some fantastic preaching. The final sermon of the day has continued to run through my mind so I thought that I would share with you some of what the Lord spoke to me through that sermon. In Nehemiah 4 we find Nehemiah hard at work repairing the wall around Jerusalem and not everyone was excited about this. I chapter 6 those who are in opposition conspire to do harm to Nehemiah. Nehemiah's response when they call him to leave the work is, why should I leave this great work to come down to you? Any time God has you doing a good work something is going to try to pull you away. I want to encourage you today to stay on the wall, for whatever situation that you are in. Keep doing whatever it is that God has called you to. If you will stay on the wall you will have others who will stand with you. Let's stand together and do what the Lord has called us to, and while we are at it hand me another brick.

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