God’s Priority

This may come across as harsh and something that we don't want to hear, but here it goes anyway. God is more concerned with his glory than your happiness. This may be shocking to some but this doesn't make it any less true. Although we may view this as a negative this is actually a good thing. Happiness is a funny thing, even though most of us desire it, it can be taken away at a moments notice. We can be happy one moment and a snide comment from someone else and all of a sudden we have lost it. However, God's glory will always remain. Nothing that happens, no matter how catastrophic will ever take away or even diminish God's glory. This leads me to the point of all of this, when you live for his glory, when you seek his glory an unusual thing happens. Not only does God get the glory but a by-product is produced in us. It is not happiness but joy. So I challenge you not to strive for happiness in life that someone else can rob you of, but to have a life of joy that is produced when you live for the glory of God. Soli Deo Gloria Glory to God Alone

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